Sketch de cuisine bleu avec mains

Are you a self-employed renovator looking for help to ensure the quality and viability of your innovation project?


We can help you with:

  • Conception and design
  • Renovation budget management
  • Selection of contractors and project management
  • Technical support
  • Renovation project management


Take advantage of our experience to make your projects a success.

Sketch de cuisine bleu avec mains

When it’s time to carry out your renovation or construction project, you will face several challenges both at the conception and execution stages.


Bringing a project to a successful conclusion can be a really tough nut to crack.

  • How involved you will be in the design, management and execution phases will determine your style of working and the final cost.
  • Logically, of course, if you do everything yourself you will save the most money.
  • You would need to find and manage yourself, professionals and other experts (designer, architect, specialized contractor, plumber, electrician, roofer, mason, etc.).
  • On the other hand, if you call on a general contractor and contract him to manage everything for you, your involvement will be minimal. But, of course, the cost of the project will increase.

In short, if you do everything yourself, you’ll save money, and if you do nothing, you can expect to pay more.


But that’s not all. There is another solution… 

We are offering you a totally different approach that will minimize costs while maximizing your control over the entire operation and the quality of work.

We can put our experience to use for you and work with you as though you were the general contractor:

  • Selection of designer and architect
  • Pre-project meetings with designer/architect
  • Identification of technical challenges
  • Offering solutions
  • Support during the plan preparation period
  • Evaluation of project costs
  • Shortlisting of contractors for submission to client
  • Selection of contractor
  • Selection and management of subcontractors
  • Following up at all levels in the course of project execution (technical, schedule, costs)


By having us work for you, you get to save money while making sure your project is a resounding success.

You’re now thinking; How do I get started? Very simple… We are offering you a 2-hour meeting so we can understand your project, point you in the right direction, and put together a strategy.

Contact us and we’ll get to work to bring your project to life.

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