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Échelle Humaine, general and specialized contractor in residential, commercial and institutional renovation.

About us

We are Échelle Humaine and we are proud of it!

    -  Transparency

    -  Integrity

    -  Efficiency


Our personalized approach means that we work closely with our clients and offer high-quality work while respecting budgets and deadlines.
At Échelle Humaine, we put our clients at the heart of everything we do.


Client Respect : We are dedicated to Client service. We have a moral responsibility to always act in the best interests of the Client and to be completely honest and transparent in all circumstances. At Échelle Humaine we are aware of the value of money; controlling budgets is crucial.
Quality of work is the number one priority because Client satisfaction comes before profit.

People : People are everything to us, we don't just do projects. We bring to life families' dreams. In this sense, we have a big social and human responsibility. Our duty is to achieve results.
We support you throughout the process.

Family : At Échelle Humaine, teamwork and cooperation are essential values. The human being is at the center of everything and we take care of each other. Within the Échelle Humaine family, discrimination has no place.

The quest for perfection : At Échelle Humaine we're aware there's always room for improvement. In the interest of our clients, we are constantly looking for new construction techniques and management methods. We are constantly seeking to improve our performance.


To provide our clients with personalized and outstanding service for residential architectural, commercial and institutional renovation projects.


Our goal is to be a reference in the industry for changing mindsets and approaches and to adopt leading-edge eco-friendly practices to improve the industry's impact on the environment.


Eco Contractor

As a certified Eco-Contractor, we are very conscious of our impact on the environment.

For this reason, we only operate in a limited area to reduce our travels as much as possible. We also try to find ways to reuse materials and equipment to extend their lifetime. In the same spirit, we operate in a paperless environment and sort waste at the source.


We're here to help you bring your project to life

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you with your renovation project.

A dedicated team

A team of over 50 people, 100% dedicated to the success of your project, who will be able to support you throughout the adventure, with your satisfaction as a priority.

Lionel Bernard


Jean-Benoit Miraval

General Director

Alexis Pain

Director of Estimation & IT

Pedro Marco Diaz

Project Director

Victor Mikula

Project Manager

Marie-France Delagrave


Virginie Gerbault

Customer Service

Rémi Doucette


William Saulnier

Sales manager

Gilles Bélanger


Romain Nostradamus

Site Manager

Jean-Sébastien Proulx

Site Manager

Awards and honors

Prix et distinctions
Montreal 2022

2022 - Winner - Renovator of the Year

Montreal 2022

2022 - Winner - Public prize

Montreal 2020

2020 - Finalist - Renovator of the Year

Montreal 2020

2020 - Finalist - Residential Project 150k to 350k

Montreal 2020

2020 - Finalist - Residential Project 350k to 750k

Montreal 2020

2020 - Finalist - Residential Project 750k and up

Accreditation and Certification