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Major Renovation

Major Renovation

Your space needs a makeover. You want to modernize your interior, adapt it to your needs. With our help, you'll have a brand new home.

  • New kitchen
  • New bathroom
  • New and optimized living space
  • Opening up of the spaces
  • Large windows

Your needs have changed, it's time to adapt your living space to your new reality.


The Proven Échelle Humaine Method

The success of your renovation project depends on a talented team and effective project management. We manage all aspects of your renovation project from planning to completion, working with experienced professionals to make sure your project is delivered on time with the highest quality standards.
Analysis of your needs and plans analysis

Our priority is to understand exactly what your project will be and what you expect from us.

It all starts with an initial briefing, which includes multiple questions. This step is crucial because it allows us to adapt our services according to your expectations.

We'll also carefully examine the available plans and suggested solutions. This helps us avoid common misjudgments and mistakes that can lead to delays or extra costs.

We can step in at any moment in the process to help you achieve your vision.

Let's not forget a fundamental element here; the more information we have in our hands, the better service we can provide.

Teamwork has just begun, and this cooperation will be essential throughout the project.

Validation of the feasibility of the project

The same question comes up all the time: Is my dream possible?

To answer this question, we'll now analyze the technical elements of your project (relevance and optimization) as well as your budget.

The first budget evaluation allows us to suggest practical solutions adapted to your expectations. Whether you need to reconfigure the space, expand it or give it a unique architectural touch, we'll help you find the best solution.

With our tailored support, you can give your interior a makeover and realize your dream with confidence, knowing that we're here to help and guide you every step of the way.

Now that we know the project is achievable, it's time to make the final plans and conduct a more in-depth analysis.

Complete and detailed

To successfully complete a renovation project and maximize your investment, it is crucial to plan your budget with care.

With this in mind, we offer a complete estimate in order to develop an effective game plan. Our detailed approach allows you to make informed decisions with peace of mind. This level of detail lets you adjust the extent of the work according to your budget.

Now that we have all the project parameters in hand, it's time to move on to the next step.

Project planning

The success of a project depends mainly on good planning.

This is why, very quickly after the project confirmation, a unique project manager will be assigned. He or she will meet with you to go over every detail and element of your project to ensure that everything is under control and that every angle is covered. A major project like the ones we're working on, has a million little details. You have to think of everything, and above all, not forget anything. For example: ordering long lead items, booking subcontractors, validating finishing elements etc.

For planning and project management, we use a gantt chart, as well as several IT tools to manage information and plans. We leave no room for impro.

Everything is planned, the work can now begin.

The construction site and the daily project management

At Échelle Humaine, we understand that delays, uncertainty and unexpected costs can make renovations difficult and stressful.

Our project management service allows you to relax because each project is under the control of a team 100% dedicated to ensuring the highest quality renovation.

We have a team of people at your disposal to make sure your project is completed in the best possible way.

Échelle Humaine's carpenters are supervised by a site superintendent dedicated to the project. His/her role is to monitor the execution of the work on site on a daily basis and to manage the various teams of subcontractors.

He/She is supported in his task by the project manager, whose mission is to plan and organize all aspects of the site. The technical director's mission is to constantly monitor the site to ensure the quality of the work.

All of these people work under the supervision of the operations manager who provides additional support.

The project manager is assigned to your project. He/she will support you throughout the project. All communications go through him/her, he/she is the team leader.

You will be in constant contact with him/her and will meet with him/her at least once a week to update on the timelines and budgets. After this meeting, you'll be in full control of your project because you'll know every detail.

With our multi-stakeholder management approach, you can focus on what's most important to you, while we handle the rest.

Project delivery

The delivery of the project is coming. The technical elements are checked and validated.

We still have to draw up a precise list of every detail that needs final attention. We go around the building site with you, so that nothing is forgotten and that the result is flawless.

We will continue to work until the project is perfectly adapted to your expectations and meets all your requirements.

An additional follow-up will be done a few weeks after you move in.


Échelle Humaine is a professional team, available and helpful, who has done some refurbishing work on our house. We are already considering using them for our next project.
Mathieu delanoeServices: Reconditioning, Furniture assembly, Plasterboard installation, Interior painting, Plasterboard repair
We hired Échelle Humaine to create a new veterinary clinic. They did an excellent job, always listening and ready to find solutions. I would not hesitate to hire them again!
Old Rosemont VeterinarianServices: Reconditioning, Furniture assembly, Plasterboard installation, Interior painting, Plasterboard repair
We chose Échelle Humaine for our 60's house that we completely redid (structural changes, insulation, division, etc.) all in 6 months and a half! This was our first renovation project.
The professionalism and organization of EH convinced us from the start, we had the feeling of being taken care of by people who know what they are doing.
Pascale GagnonServices: Major renovation project
We chose Échelle humaine for our conversion of a 100 year old duplex into a single family home. Lionel and his team are great and really listen to our needs. The work, which was major, went off without a hitch and on schedule. There were some extras, but each time they were improvements to the initial project and we were given the right time, we had the choice. The result is that we do not regret any of the choices we made, the result is superior in many ways to the original plan. If I had been a building contractor, I would have liked to be like Lionel...
Daniel GeneauServices: Conversion of a century-old duplex into a single-family home
The best construction company we have used. Personalized service, Lionel gave us great advice and all the team members from the beginning to the end of the project. They listened to our needs. They did the soundproofing of a large part of our house as well as the walls and ceilings. Our project took 2 months and the guys were there every morning. We made changes along the way and they were able to adapt. A great job. We will definitely use this company again for the rest of our renovations. Thank you!
Dominique BélairServices : Soundproofing, walls and ceiling
Échelle Humaine is a qualified team you can trust. We chose Human Ladder for our major renovation. As you can imagine, this was a big decision and we evaluated several candidate companies. Today, construction is in full swing and our feedback is positive: orderly work site, competent and friendly staff who respect the neighborhood, excellent communication and ability to overcome challenges. You are listened to when you express your wishes and you feel you are in good hands. Lionel makes sure to explain the costs so you can make informed choices.
Bruno Piché Services: Major renovation project
Echelle humaine team is simply amazing! My little expansion project was handled masterfully by Lionel, Alexis, Nicolas and his team. They listened to my needs and worked with me to get the most for my budget. Despite the weather constraints, everything was done quickly and without complications. It's hard to find a contractor you can trust, so I'm glad I discovered EH! A very resourceful, friendly and honest team. The whole package!
Milène Bourdages Services : Expansion project
What a great team! EH recently delivered our project to transform a duplex into a single-family home in Rosemont while respecting the schedule. I felt like I was in Asterix and Cleopatra, a beautiful mix of Egyptian ingenuity and Gallic strength that built our project in record time! There were no limits: major structural work, steel beams on the ground floor and upstairs, 8 foot skylights, corner shower niches... great job guys and congratulations Lionel, you have a damn good team!
Dominic MorinServices : Transformation of a duplex into a single-family home
Lionel and his team did a great job renovating my apartment. It's hard to find competent contractors who are willing to do small jobs (in my case, installing a wall and stair railing). Lionel took care of everything (materials, electrical, labor, etc.). He did an impeccable job in record time, and under the budget he had initially proposed. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to renovate their home, without any hassle and with a super friendly team.
Jean-François GodboutServices : Small renovation project
I recently called on the Échelle Humaine team for a small project. I really liked their very human approach. They listened to my needs, the bidding process was very quick and efficient (thank you Alexis), the deadlines were always met (even if they were very short) and their attention to detail (almost obsessive) made all the difference. The boys who did the work on site were very professional, the communication with the contractor was very efficient, I highly recommend them.
Philippe MolitorServices: repair of a balcony and entrance steps on a duplex in downtown Montreal

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