Chambre à coucher avec plafond en béton

Accidents happen. We will help you quickly get back your life together and smile again.

  • Fires and smoke odors
  • Flooding and damage from water
  • Renovations in property with difficult tenants

We will take care of your emergency projects, we will discuss with your insurer and put back everything together as it was before… and even better!

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Chambre à coucher avec plafond en béton

Special renovation projects and related renovation work

Optimization of space and increase of brightness

The original building was an old duplex converted into a single family home with a crawl space. Échelle Humaine brought light into the house, and more.

A complete renovation in Ville Mont-Royal

A highly technical 4000-square-foot project

Construction of new rooms, basement and sustainable insulation work.

We dug a basement, reviewed the entire structure and enlarged the house at the back.