The original building was an old duplex converted into a single family home with a crawl space. Échelle Humaine brought light into the house, and more.

  • We removed load-bearing walls and increased the rear window area on both levels.
  • We have upgraded the floors, ceilings and walls.
  • We redid the electricity and plumbing, 100%. New electric entrance as well.
  • New kitchen, new staircase.

Energy and eco-sustainable works:

  • Vapor barriers are continuous and sealed. The shell is completely waterproof. Including the roof.
  • The “R” ratings specified in the APCHQ technical reports are reached or exceeded on the entire building.
  • We have minimized the use of urethane on wood surfaces.
  • Air exchanger and heat pump complete the package.

Finally, the house has been redone in full.

This project was presented for an APCHQ Domus Prize!