We dug a basement, reviewed the entire structure and enlarged the house at the back.

  • We tore out the whole back of the building up to 10 feet deep, and the whole first floor.
  • We supported the whole thing by suspension by making 2 large structures that held the central beam from the floor from above.
  • We then excavated the basement on 9 feet in order to have 8 feet headroom finished.

Energy and eco-sustainable works:

  • Emphasis was placed on the insulation as well as the vapor barrier.
  • Exterior walls and terraces are insulated from the outside with “ISOCLAD” and between the pillars with “ROXUL” or urethane. Vapor barriers are continuous and sealed. The house shell is completely waterproof.
  • The “R” ratings specified in the APCHQ technical reports are reached or exceeded on the entire building.
  • French drain, delta membrane at the perimeter. Addition of a radon sensor drain.
  • Air exchanger and heat pump complete the whole

The final building is a single-family duplex with basement.

This project was presented for an APCHQ Domus Prize.