We offer a wide range of residential and commercial services to meet your expectations. We have completed hundreds of renovation projects, from the simplest to the most complicated. We went off the beaten path to meet all the requirements of our customers.

How can we help you ?

Expansion and modification of residential property

You need more space without moving ?

Basement renovation and expansion

Save space by using the basement …

Conversion of duplex into single family house

Enlarge your living space, the possibilities are endless …

Load-bearing wall removal

Modifiez vos espace de vie en retirant un mur porteur…

Special renovation or construction projects

You have a vision, a crazy idea? We like that.

Post-disaster renovation

We will help you to quickly find the smile and your lifestyle.

Renovation and addition of kitchen

You want a new kitchen?

Addition and renovation of bathrooms

You want to renovate or add a bathroom?

Support for clients who are themselves renovators

You want to renovate by yourself ?

Commercial renovation

Shops, restaurants, bars, etc …

Optimization of space and increase of brightness

The original building was an old duplex converted into a single family home with a crawl space. Échelle Humaine brought light into the house, and more.

A complete renovation in Ville Mont-Royal

A highly technical 4000-square-foot project

Construction of new rooms, basement and sustainable insulation work.

We dug a basement, reviewed the entire structure and enlarged the house at the back.