Making renovations does not happen overnight.

There are 4 types of deadlines to plan before going to the stage of realization:


This part is yours. What do I want? What is the desired end product?
Say 3 weeks. It will depend on you.


You will, in most cases, call on an architect or a designer to offer you amenities and put them on paper later. They can also issue the necessary documents for the permit application and submit it for you. A structural engineer may be needed as well.
3 to 5 weeks delay.

Plan avec un casque de construction, marteau et tape à mesurer


You drop your license in the city and you cross your fingers. We will deal with this aspect again because there are many things to say about it.
Very variable delay depending on the neighborhood and the missing documents.
2 to 8 weeks of delay.


You have just received the magic paper and now have to wait for your contractor to start the work. He must finish the 2 current projects and it will be your turn then.
About 4 weeks.

In short, it will take between 3 and 5 months in most cases to get through the whole process.
The word of the day is ANTICIPATION .
Do not wait until the last moment to launch your project.
And get help throughout the process, you will save time and money in the end.

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