Our team is preparing for a possible return to work on May 4 and we are very aware of the impact we will have on the community.

Life will soon resume and we will have to provide a safe working environment for our employees and our customers.

Here is what we will put in place as soon as we resume our work:

  1. Disinfection of the site every evening before leaving (any surface affected by the carpenters as well as all the tools).
  2. Hand washing every hour.
  3. Medical examination on site of each employee each day (symptoms, medical questionnaire, temperature measurement). Immediate withdrawal of anyone at risk.
  4. Limiting interactions between employees as much as possible. Limitation of the number of people on each site as well as work in differentiated areas when possible.
  5. For management personnel who move from site to site, wear a protective mask and gloves at all times.
  6. Limiting interaction with customers on site. We will make maximum use of videoconferencing as well as any communication tool that can be effective while keeping a distance.

We believe these steps will help keep everyone safe. If you have other suggestions that would help us improve, please let us know. We are at your service and at your service.

We will win this fight together.